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Eye exam

You will find in each of our four stores exceptional optometrists that can check the health of your eyes, almost every day of the week.

Call us to take an appointment for an eye exam, for pupil dilation or to complete the SAAQ evaluation form. They will be more than happy to help you.

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Facial stylist

The facial stylist is, among other, what had made the renown of Les Branchés. It is exceedingly difficult to choose a pair of glasses. We all feel deprived with the immensity of the available choices!

We try to avoid you all this unnecessary stress. We have trained our stylists to help you make the choice of your new glasses. Sitting comfortably at a table, you will try on a selection of frames picked specially for your face type: eye color, hair color, complexion, everything will be analyzed to make the best choices for you!

This service absolutely free, is offered daily, without any appointment. Come in store with your prescription from our optometrists, or from another optometrist, and we will be delighted to find the perfect glasses for you.