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Les Branchés

An honest place to purchase your glasses? Can it be?

Anne-Marie Faniel & Patrick Bolduc, owners of “Les Branchés”, most certainly believed it could! To combine a generous and professional staff, a huge variety of spectacular frames and great prices all in one store is what they vow to provide to their customers. Long gone are the days when buying a pair of glasses would ruin your wallet. “Les Branchés” is changing the way YOU see the world!

With us, it’s simple: we give. Free advice from our facial stylists, our prices are 100$ to 500$ cheaper than everywhere else, and of top of that, if you refer 10 customers to us, we thank you by giving you a FREE pair of glasses! Thinking outside the box is what makes us one of a kind! And we’re here to take a stand in the optical world: fair profits for a fair world!

Furthermore, we have our own exclusive line of artistic frames designed by Anne-Marie Faniel, co-owner of “Les Branchés”. Handmade in France with recycled conton cellulose acetate. Another wise choice for the planet!


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