Their experience in facial-styling is what has made Les Branchés Lunetterie so renowned.

Choosing a pair of glasses alone has becoming increasingly difficult. We all feel helpless in front of the vast choices offered.

We can help you avoid this unnecessary stress! Our facial-stylists are professionally trained so that they can use their expertise to help you find the perfect frame. Sitting comfortably with your personal facial-stylist, you will be given a variety of frames specially selected for your morphology to try. The color of your eyes, your hair, your complexion, the shape of your face, and of course, your prescription, are all taken into consideration to help you make the best possible choice. This while still keeping in mind your tastes and lifestyle.

This free service is available 7/7, appointment needed. Come to our store with your prescription, be it from one of our optometrists or from somewhere else, and it will be our pleasure to find your perfect pair of glasses.


In each of our branches, you will find competent optometrists who can check the health of your eyes and issue a prescription almost every day of the week. Our newest addition to be on the cutting edge of technology, the retinal camera for a more in-depth examination.

Call us to make an appointment for a full eye exam, for pupil dilation, or to complete SAAQ assessment documents. It would be our pleasure to help you.