Faniel Collection

Be different, be unique, dare to be yourself, and showcase your true colors through the artistic Faniel frames!

The artistic Faniel collection, created by the soprano and multidisciplinary artist Anne-Marie Faniel, a pioneer of the world's unique recycled acetate process. The eco-friendly Faniel frames, handmade with love, right here in Quebec.

Elsewhere, starting at: $389
With us, starting at: $239

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 Etnia Collection

At Etnia Barcelona we are color, art, and culture. We are Mediterranean, independent, and rebellious. We are traditional and modern. We are quality and innovation. And we are also the city that inspires us: Barcelona.

 Dubuc Collection

Philippe Dubuc, an internationally renowned Quebec designer, brings us into his modern classic universe, characterized by clean, straight lines.

Elsewhere, starting at: $375
With us, starting at: $255

 Julbo Collection

Julbo is the leader of outdoor and mountaineering companies. All of their glasses have been designed with the help of top athletes, outdoor specialists, mountain guides, and enthusiasts like you.

Légende Collection for kids

Here is the brand-new Légende collection created by Designer and Soprano Anne-Marie Faniel! The creator of the artistic Faniel frame collection has just launched her collection of children's frames. These glasses are beautiful, colorful, and original, perfectly matching the imagination of our little ones!

Elsewhere, starting at: $250
With us, starting at: $199

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 Souris Mini Collection

Annie Bellavance is a passionate fashion designer and loves to create clothes and glasses for children. Her playful, colorful, and assorted style collections will illuminate the face of your toddlers.