〰 Owners

Anne-Marie Faniel& Patrick Bolduc

Les Branchés Lunetterie are the result of a wonderful love story between Patrick Bolduc, the optician, and Anne-Marie Faniel, the soprano and multidisciplinary artist. Together, they imagined eyewear that conformed to their values and their conception of art and beauty. Eager to provide an exceptional service, they developed a unique concept of eyewear where the originality and quality of the products and services offered are synonymous with a fair and equitable price. Frames are accessible to all budgets because for our two lovebirds, originality and quality is not a matter of money, but good taste. Still true to their philosophy of “joie de vivre” and fairness, Les Branchés Lunetterie now shares their vision with tens of thousands of happy customers every year.

〰 Designer

Faniel CollectionBy Anne-Marie Faniel

Ready-to-wear art !

Frame jewelry created by the soprano and multidisciplinary artist Anne-Marie Faniel, designed to unveil the unique personality of each wearer.

Recycled acetate, colored materials, stemming from a unique, original process, imagined by the designer and cleverly combined to highlight the complexion and morphology of each person, as well as metal frames, stainless steel with bold designs, so as to reveal their unique beauty and highlight each face.

Faniel has signed three distinct collections, allowing each to evolve freely according to her Artistic expression: Faniel, Artista, and Faniel au cube.

〰 Designer

Clara Faniel

The successor is doing well!

Anne-Marie Faniel is proud to present her daughter, Clara Faniel, a young designer, who signed her first collection, Océana, at the age of 17.

The young designer has signed a trendy and current collection, inspired by a free and vibrant lifestyle, inviting people to be carefree and free to live.

Faniel has a future!!