Les Branchés
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Montures Faniel
Monture artistique Faniel
Monture artistique Faniel

The Designer

Anne-Marie Faniel

Anne-Marie is a Québec-born opera singer and multidisciplinary artist. Full of talent and energy, this woman revolutionizes everything she touches by her strong sense of beauty mixed with her incredible sensitivity. She thought up the original formula which distinguishes “Les Branchés” from any other eyeglass-selling store. Moreover, she created her own line of artistic frames made of recycled material that is now sold worldwide!

Originally a soprano opera singer, Anne-Marie now has three CDs, two of which are classical music with a Romantic era tinge. The third and latest studio album VINCERÒ on the other hand has a majestic and absolutely powerful truthfulness to it. A CD composed by Marc Provençal who made opera accessible to a larger public. An appealing beat with an epic and touching message, VINCERÒ conveys a profound message of enlightenment, hope and strength.

2012 will be a big year for Anne-Marie, for major events are now being planned. Be prepared for concerts and many appearances!

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